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The Scandinavian look is hip

bombiBitt – a Danish design for children
High quality and affordable prices, bombiBitt is a brand that has stormed into the Danish market with romantic clothes that appeals to both children and their parents – and the clothes is functional!

The Scandinavian bright look is the special feature for the clothes brand: BombiBitt. Clothes which both children and their parents are guaranteed to love. 250 stores already have the clothes on their shelves in Denmark, the Faroe Islands, Greenland, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Spain & Germany.

bombiBitt stands for quality – but at affordable prices. And it's a Danish brand!

The customers are very excited about bombiBitt. The reactions we get indicate that the Danish clothes brand meets a demand that has been on the market for a long while. A brand for both boys and girls with a trendy design: Bright and lovely clothes in a casual way and it is functional. We have taken into consideration that REAL children will be wearing the clothes. Children who get dirty – thus the clothes may be washed in the washing machine. Children who do not sit still but run around and play – thus quality is a top priority and the clothes has superior wearing qualities. Thought lies behind every detail. Our designers have children of their own so they know what they're talking about.

bombiBitt's line offers fashionable clothes for boys and girls at the ages of 0-10 years. The style is romantic with many sweet details.

The girls' line is particularly focused on dresses and skirts containing many details such as flowers, embroideries, sequins and sweet patterns. However, the design is also a priority on pants, t-shirts and baby suits with our wide variety of fabrics, patterns and accessories to be explored.
For the boys we believe to have found a niche: The line is smashing and bright in nice boy colours. The style is romantic but with room for cool pictures on shirts, pants and knitted sweaters.
A line to make both mother and son happy.
A common feature for both lines is the focus on the choice of colours. Our delicate colours say Scandinavia – sun and summer. And bombiBitt is designed in linen and cotton blends that feel fantastic to wear. At the same time, the lines can be mixed and matched in a variety of ways thus enabling the creation of a complete wardrobe without excess spending. bombiBitt is a clothes brand for everybody.
Our designers have considered all practical details and it's apparent that a world of experience lies underneath the ideas. bombiBitt listens to their customers' needs – in fact that's how the idea for the clothes came about; By listening to the beat of the drums and understanding what parents today want for their children. They want their children to look nice but also clothes which the children like
and which does not limit the children. Further, the clothes must be of high quality at an affordable price. bombiBitt covers all of those needs.


Our dealers listen to the customers' needs and report back to us. And it's not just empty words; bombiBitt also have a gymnastics line of clothes. Our customers have requested a practical line for dancing and gymnastics. Again with our romantic design and a lot of details without forgetting the purpose of the clothes: Movement and exercise.

Besides bombiBitt's fantastic collections, you also find the brand name Fast by bombiBitt, which is the basic line from bombiBitt, which the past years, also stormed into the markets.

Behind bombiBitt:

One of the most experienced children's clothes designers in Denmark, Helle Steffens, founded bombiBitt together with Linda Hansen.
Helle Steffens is the woman behind our design and Linda Hansen is our administrator with a finger on the pulse and two children at home who are “crash test dummies” for our clothes lines.
bombiBitt is clothes designed for children and tested by children – because clothes needs to be functional even when our children are dressed to look fantastic.

BombiBitt Aps - Hvidovrevej 340 (i gården), 2650 Hvidovre - Telefon: +45 28 19 35 20 - E-mail:
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